1. Stoneface
    Nocturnal Emissions

  2. A Treatise On Ethnography

  3. Point, Line, Surface
    Aliénor Golvet

  4. Ἡσυχασμός
    Small Cruel Party

  5. Draw Agreement

  6. End of an Era
    Christoph Heemann

  7. Inferior's Betrayal

  8. È Vago Fior Del Tempo
    Small Cruel Party

  9. Do you Believe in a Pencil
    Small Cruel Party

  10. Zone Habitable
    Bruno Duplant

  11. Stratégies Obliques I
    Giancarlo Toniutti/Massimo Toniutti

  12. Cervorum Simulacra
    Small Cruel Party

  13. Rooms

  14. Hidden Parasites
    Julien Heraud

  15. Animast
    Francisco López

  16. Dirge
    Daniel Menche

  17. Aatma
    Mike Vernusky

  18. Stratégies Obliques Ø
    Steve Roden/Small Cruel Party

  19. Primal Fictions
    Daniel Menche

  20. Milk Thistle
    Jack Patterson

  21. Squenun
    Anla Courtis/Das Synthetische Mischgewebe ‎

  22. Tropical Amnesia Two & Three
    Matt Shoemaker

  23. Bidödaren
    Various Artists

  24. Cava xi.xi.86
    Massimo Toniutti

  25. A Semiotic Survey
    Thomas Tilly ‎

  26. Resin, Parched, Chthonic
    Small Cruel Party

  27. Islands Of Sleep
    Small Cruel Party

  28. Terroir
    Bj Nilsen

  29. Elektra Bidasoa
    Francisco López & Xabier Erkizia ‎

  30. Blood of the Land
    Daniel Menche

  31. Tropical Amnesia One
    Matt Shoemaker

  32. Ecstasy Showered Its Petals With The Full Peal Of The Bells
    Steve Roden

  33. Mutable Depths
    Matt Shoemaker

  34. Kdi Dctb 039
    Toy Bizarre

  35. Ura Itam Taala' Momojmuj Löwajamuj Cooconaja (Remember How During The Summer We Sucked The Löwa Of The Womenfolk)
    Giancarlo Toniutti

  36. Hive
    Joe Colley

  37. Go
    Michael Northam

  38. Kanticle
    Daniel Menche

  39. Chaleur
    Various Artists

  40. Small Cruel Party / Toy Bizarre / Steve Roden
    Small Cruel Party/Toy Bizarre/Steve Roden

  41. "Scourge" That's Her Name!
    Daniel Menche


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Non profit organization, specialized in field recording, drone, experimental "music".
You will find some releases of my first label GMBH.

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